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My alarm is ringing at 4 am, what the f…k, who had this idea to wake up early like that huh? me? … I’m tired so I decide to sleep in.
6 am the sun is rising, it’s time to wake up. 7:30 my bag is on my back and I’m starting this new day. Rainy and foggy day. After crossing a bunch of buses and cars, I see a shape on the shore. It’s moving and really smelly like a dead animal, a seal, I try to get close but it shouts at me and shows his big teeth. It’s sad that I can’t do anything but I don’t really want get bitten by a zombie seal.
There is day with and without, today I’m not going really fast and not really far so I decide to stop after finding on the beach beautiful shell fish edible.
After I found a spot to camp, I boiled my new pets and guess what it’s so tasty and changes my diet, I’m sick of eating nuts.

Mon alarme décide de sonner à 4 heure du matin. Mon Dieu mais quel est le c…n qui a pu régler l’alarme? Moi? Non…
6 heure du matin, le soleil se lève et je peut voi à travers la tente sa lumière, je pense qu’il est grand tekps de se réveiller.
Il ne fait pas très beau, un épais brouillard et une légère bruine donne à la mer un air dramatique. Je croise la route de quelques bus et voitures rien de bien nouveau.
Puis une odeur de cadavre attire mon attention, un phoque est là gisant sur le sable couvert de mouche, il bouge encore la tête. Je m’approche et celui-ci me menace en grognant et montrant les dents. Je me décide à le laisser seul même si le spectacle est assez désolant.
Mon rythme n’est pas très bon aujourd’hui je pensais pouvoir faire 30 kilomètres, mais apparamemt mon corps n’est pas du même avis.
Je décide donc de m’arréter prés d’un point d’eau aprés avoir trouvé des coquillages que je savais comestible.
Enfin un peu de nourriture qui va me changer du régime granivore…

2 Responses to “Day 4 - Unknown Stream to Waingawhe Creek”

  1. edward intvan

    Hallo Olivier Bon Journee….Je suis Quinn de EU…Today i’m leaving Seattle to start my own thru hike like you..A week behind you…Really enjoy the emotions you wrote down on the first days sofar ..Nice to know that there is someone up ahead who I already know a little bit…Short of making a donation for your trip..you got a beer coming if I do catch up with you on your restdays…Having hiked from Haarlem NL to Santiago I’m sort of still in a Camino frame of mind and hereby wish you a BUEN TE ARAROA
    Stay Hydrated…”You never walk alone…Always someone up ahead and behind”….Just in case the lonelies get to you..Quinn aka Edward Intven FB

  2. Marl�ne Moly

    I learn how to surf on the different site to discover photos…I lost the map adress where it is easy to follow you…where are you now…I see that Sunday will be sunny…in Tououse we share same weather but windy and strong rain.. temperature 6� and above…and life as usual…your trip seems hard with back weight but environment is magic…thanks for this daily discovery….Mollene31


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