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Bobby and I took our last breakfast together then headed each other on our way. I took the Arrowtown-Queenstown bicycle track. On my way I met Eric, he stopped near by and we shared our own stories. Happy to meet him on the trail, this conversation gave the energy to keep going. Autumn colours are still everywhere and vibrant, the landscape was still amazing. I took the Shotover Bridge over the Shotover River and followed this last one until climbing up hill to the Frankston Flat. I stopped by a cafe to have a nice lunch on the Frankston Arm and headed back on the track. I forced my pace to get rapidly to Queenstown Wharf where I tried to find a way to get to Greenstone Station. I found a fishing company that is going to take me on the 3rd. I’m going to stay two nights there resupply and try the best urger in New Zealand Ferg’s burger!

Nous prenons un dernier petit déjeuner avec Bobby et chacun prends un différent chemin. Pour ma part je me dirige vers Queenstown, empruntant la piste cyclable joignant Arrowtown et Queenstown. Sur le chemin je rencontre Eric qui s’arrête en chemin, nous partageons nos histoires communes une rencontre agréable qui me donne l’énergie nécessaire pour continuer. Je passe le Shotover Bridge puis suis Shotover River pour remonter sur Frankston Flat. Je m’arrête en chemin sur le bord de Frankston Arm dans un café puis continue à marché sur le bord du lac forcent le pas pour arriver à Queenstown plus tôt que prévu. Il me faut maintenant trouver un moyen de rejoindre l’autre rive du lac, il y a biens des bus mais je préfèrerais profiter d’une balade en bateau. Je trouve finalement un bateau de pêche qui m’amènera sur Greenstone Station. Je vais donc rester là deux nuits et essayer le Ferg burger apparament le meilleur burger de Nouvell-Zélande

One Response to “Day 152 - 1/05/2021 - Arrowtown to Queenstown”

  1. Eric Lin

    Hello Olivier;
    How are you? I am Eric Lin of Christchurch, met you at Millbrook Resort track on 1st May 2013.
    I really enjoy your nice professional photos. You are a respected working hard young man. I have a writing about my 7 days Lakes Region journey on my Face Book in English: http://www.facebook.com/shamrockbnb.
    Hope you have a wonderful and brightness future.
    Go go Olivier!
    Kind Regards


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